Monster Shakes

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    All Monster Shakes are $10.99. You can split Monster Shakes for $2 more to guarantee you get all the extra toppings while splitting the amount of ice cream. 



Salty Malty Monster Shake: 

A classic chocolate malt with a buttercream rim coated in pretzel pieces. Topped with whipped cream, malt balls, sea salt, pretzel of all sizes, and loaded with more caramel and chocolate sauce.


Chai Tea Monster Shake:

A chai tea-based ice cream with a buttercream rim covered in chocolate sprinkles. Topped with whipped cream, a shortbread dipped cookie, a chocolate decoration, chocolate sauce, and a chocolate wafer stick. 

Make it a dirty chai for only $1 more. 


Kiddo Monster Shake:

Blue Moon ice cream with a sprinkle buttercream rim. Topped with whipped cream, gummy worms, gummy bears, cotton candy and extra sprinkles.



Pride Monster Shake:

 Vanilla ice cream with a rainbow sprinkle buttercream rim. Topped with whipped cream, a lollipop, a rainbow gummy, cotton candy, rainbow popcorn from Pop City popcorn, and strawberry sauce. 


Smore's Monster Shake: 

Your choice of either chocolate or vanilla ice cream to start. A crushed graham cracker, buttercream rim. Topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate bark, graham crackers, one of our homemade marshmallows toasted and extra chocolate chips. 


Turtle Monster Shake:

You can choose either chocolate or vanilla ice cream. A chocolate sprinkle buttercream rim. Finished with whipped cream, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, a mini turtle, candied pecans, and a chocolate decoration.


Holiday Monster Shakes: 

The Holiday Monster Shakes are always rotating with the seasons. Please call beforehand to be sure we are still featuring the holiday shake you are looking for!

I Love You Monster Shake


Left to Right:

Caramel Apple, Spooky Wooky, and Pumpkin Pie Monster Shake


Holly Jolly Monster Milk Shake


Stars and Stripes Monster Shake