Monster Shakes

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All Monster Shakes are $12.25 plus sales tax. You can split Monster Shakes for $2 more to guarantee you get all the extra toppings while splitting the amount of ice cream. 



Salty Malty Monster Shake: 

A classic chocolate malt with a buttercream rim coated in pretzel pieces. Topped with whipped cream, malt balls, sea salt, pretzel of all sizes, and loaded with more caramel and chocolate sauce.


Chai Tea Monster Shake:

A chai tea-based ice cream with a buttercream rim covered in chocolate sprinkles. Topped with whipped cream, a shortbread dipped cookie, a chocolate decoration, chocolate sauce, and a chocolate wafer stick. 

Make it a dirty chai for only $2 more. 



Pride Monster Shake:

 Vanilla ice cream with a rainbow sprinkle buttercream rim. Topped with whipped cream, a lollipop, a rainbow gummy, cotton candy, rainbow popcorn from Pop City popcorn, and strawberry sauce. 


Smore's Monster Shake: 

Your choice of either chocolate or vanilla ice cream to start. A crushed graham cracker, buttercream rim. Topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate bark, graham crackers, one of our homemade marshmallows toasted and extra chocolate chips. 


Turtle Monster Shake:

You can choose either chocolate or vanilla ice cream. A chocolate sprinkle buttercream rim. Finished with whipped cream, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, a mini turtle, candied pecans, and a chocolate decoration.





They are only here for very limited time, and we have sold out of all Girl Scout cookies for the year!


Thin Mint Monster Shake:

Vanilla ice cream base mixed with mint oreos. A buttercream frosted and sprinkled rim. Loaded with andes mints, thin mints, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, a chocolate decoration, and mint oreo pieces. 


Tagalong Monster Shake:

A creamy peanut butter milkshake based mixed with peanut butter cups, a peanut buttercream rim, whipped cream, peanut butter sauce, chocolate sauce, tagalongs, and a homemade toasted peanut butter marshmallow. 


Samoa's Monster Shake:

You choose between chocolate or vanilla ice cream. There is a buttercream and sprinkled rim and topped with whipped cream, our homemade salted caramel sauce, samoas, a chocolate decoration, and toasted coconut.



The Holiday Monster Shakes are always rotating with the seasons. Please call beforehand to be sure we are still featuring the holiday shake you are looking for!

I Love You Monster Shake


Left to Right:

Caramel Apple, Spooky Wooky, and Pumpkin Pie Monster Shake


Holly Jolly Monster Shake


Stars and Stripes Monster Shake


Oberon Monster Shake- nonalcoholic 


Peppermint Hot Chocolate Monster Shake 



Key Lime Monster Shake